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CHEC is one of the well-known giant group companies mainly engaged in the activities of survey, engineering design, construction and supervision for harbor, road, bridge and airport construction, dredging, irrigation, environmental protection, public works, and also involved in manufacture and erection of port equipment, heavy machinery, navigational aids, mechanical and electrical systems. CHEC bears the national AA qualification for harbor, road and bridge EPC projects and provides quality services in the areas of consultancy, research, logistics and project management.


By the end of 2002, CHEC pools RMB 28 billion of assets, with the annual earning up to RMB 21.6 billion. CHEC owns and operates a fleet of over 800 modern dredgers, floating cranes, floating pile drivers, barges and other work boats, 2680 sets of heavy-duty on-shore construction plants in different types and a great variety of the advanced engineering and research facilities. CHEC has a staff of 49,000 including 20,000 professionals, 2,400 senior engineers and technicians, 3,500 senior managerial persons. CHEC is a parent group company to which 15 daughter companies, 20 overseas resident offices, some shareholder and shareholding companies affiliate. CHEC is very powerful for its sophisticated technique, know-how, well-equipped construction and manufacture teams, and proud of its outstanding achievements.

As the national leading force in the navigational channel dredging and harbor construction field,CHEC has so far designed and constructed nearly all of the large and medium-sized ports and navigational channels over all the China coast and rivers, a lot of dredging and reclamation works, a great number of dockyards, slipways, airports and other public facilities. Over the last decade, manufacture, installation and export of assembled port machinery and complete sets of equipment and plants have increased dramatically,for instance, Zhenhua Port Machinery Company (ZPMC, one of the daughter companies of CHEC) has remained for the last five years in the first place among the world quayside container crane providers according to the statistics of Cargo Systems (a professional journal in Britain).

In addition, CHEC has made brilliant achievements in the road, bridge and tunnel engineering and construction area, especially in the latter. CHEC has contracted and built about 80 large to super large-scale bridges in almost all the structure types, including Huangshi Bridge, Junshan Bridge, Jiangyin Bridge and Runyang Bridge all of which cross over Yangtze River, and also Wenzhou Bridge, Friendship Bridge in Macao and Rama VIII Bridge in Bangkok.

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